In 2014, Anna Estradé and Albert Pons bought a family farm in which cereal was grown, but in which Anna's parents, grandparents and great-grandparents had once farmed olive trees. The purpose is to recover the crop and produce an exclusive oil, in the style of the French "vins de chateau", in which only the production extracted from the farm itself is marketed.

The farm, just over three hectares in size, has been replanted with Arbequina olive trees, the most traditional and popular variety in the area, and has worked in and taken care of the production process, in which everything is aimed at achieving the highest quality. The first harvest was in 2017 and produced 500 liters. We estimate that maximum production will reach 3,000 liters when the olive trees have reached their full height.

The result is a spectacular extra virgin olive oil, made 100% from Arbequina olives and with an intense color, olfactory properties and accentuated flavors. This oil required a presentation that allowed its color to be appreciated when serving it on the table and at the same time to preserve it from excessive light and heat.

It is a jewel of the Mediterranean diet and as a jewel, it is a product suitable not only to enjoy for oneself, but to give to others.